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How to add your website to search engines.

As a blogger, nothing can beat seeing your hard work pay. Seeing your website on search engines is just a lovely thing to behold. So let's start with the first little steps as adding your website to these search engines. Looking at it the other way round, it's very disappointing not to see your site on search engines. That's okay if you're just starting. Websites can be added to search engines in two ways;
What are the top search engines available?
The top search engines you could submit your website to include Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 
How can I add my website to search engines automatically?
If your SEO game is top-notch, these search engines would find your website. SEO means search engine optimization and this process entails getting your website to show up naturally on search results without having to manually submit it or even pay for it.
Search Engine Optimization is a whole course on its own but we will just shed a little light on it. It involves properly managing your page title and description to help it to be noticed by search engines. You should also manage your content properly by researching on proper keywords to use and using enough words to help you be visible to these search engines. Images are also a necessity to be added on your page. This is, however, a tip of the iceberg of what SEO entails 
How can I add my website to search engines manually?
It's important to know that it is free to manually submit your site to search engines. Though it is important to know that search engines were not meant to rely on the manual submission of websites, so, many times, this is not necessary. If you however search for your website on these search engines and you do not see it ranking as number one, you just need to do the needful.
To add your site to Google, you can open the link below and follow the instructions that you see. It involves submitting your sitemap. Your sitemap is usually located at If you don’t see it there, you could check; this will usually list the sitemap URL.
To add your site to bing, you have to submit your site map to the link below
To add your site to Yahoo, there's actually nothing to do, if you submit to bing you automatically submit to Yahoo, nice right?
How do I know if my website has been added to search engines?
Simply type your website address on a search bar and your website would show up.
We have to add though, Adding your website to search engines doesn't automatically mean you have ranked to number one on google search(  unless you are searching for yourself) as many other sites are also being submitted to these search engines. You need to however properly utilize your on-page and off-page SEO to rank higher. We hope this article has been helpful in teaching you how to add your website to different search engines.


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