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How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

There are questions trending online currently, and many people think they cannot start affiliate marketing without a website. The real fact is, you can actually start affiliate marketing without having to spend a dime on creating a website. You biggest concern should be 'How to start and not get frustrated later on as an affiliate marketer.


 There are many explanations to this but in a simple term, becoming an affiliate means you promote a product or service and earn a commission whenever a sale is generated through your affiliate link. A clear example is Jumia Affiliate but this does not mean that there are no affiliate program out there.
There are thousands of affiliate program out there it is left for you to find the one of your choice and sign up with.

As a person willing to become an affiliate you don't just go into it as it pleases you, There are some certain things you must know and must do to be  an affiliate. It is discussed below

The first thing successful marketers did and you as a beginner mus do is to " decide on a niche you want to promote its product". A niche is your area of specialization of the market for a particular type of product or service that you offer on the internet.
After knowing your niche that best fits you, "you go on a research on affiliate programs you are going to be promoting. Next step is not that compulsory but necessary which is " building a website " as a blogger going into affiliate marketing this shouldn't be a problem. 
To have everything under control and moving smoothly you are advice to get a website for your products. Next thing is to compose a content for your products They say content is the key behind the growth of any website you find online, if you're using email campaign or website you are to have a content; a unique one to be precise for any of your products for easier understanding for your audience later in the future.
Next is for you to build an audience to your website or product landing page


 The question in your mind now would be what if i don't have a website, can i still start? The big answer is yes. You can start affiliate marketing without a website but how? alright.
 Actually there are many marketing software that help in affiliate marketing and build a large audience.  Below are the  two popular software to try out:
Get response: This software is what majority of marketers use because of its features and it's user friendly 
Mail chimp: Also a popular software you may want to start with this as a beginner 
 What are you still waiting for? start right away and take it to the next level. Many have succeeded doing it you can be one of them.

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