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Payporte Affiliate Program Review: is Payporte affiliate program legit or scam ?

On this article , i will be give you all the basics about Payporte affiliate program and how it works , i will also let you know if Payporte affiliate program is legit or scam .

A lot of people have been finding ways to monetize their website traffic , some people are using Adsense while some of them engage in affiliate marketing .

Here i will tell you all you need to know about Payporte affiliate program and the benefit of joining Payporte affiliate program.
What is affiliate marketing ?
Affiliate marketing is a process of collaborating with an individual or a company in promoting their product and getting commission from any sale you make from it .
This process is very different with Adsense ads which you earn when someone click on your ads.

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What is Payporte ?
Payporte is an online shopping store in Nigeria which deal with Phones , Laptop ,cloths , shoes , accessories and etc.

Payporte is regarded as one of the best in terms of the product they offer which are all quality and genuine , Payporte have of of the best costumer service which help their costumer to be able to carry on purchasing online with ease .

Who is the founder of Payporte ?
Eyo Bassey is the founder of Payporte online retail shop , it was founded on 25 September 2014 .
Eyo Bassey is a Nigerian and and is from southern part of the country.

Is Payporte Affiliate program legit or scam ?
As an affiliate marketer , the first thing to do before enrolling in any affiliate program is to know if it is legit or scam .

I can testify that Payporte affiliate program is legit , am one of their affiliate and i have been associating with them for the past 4 years without any problem and i have done enough research to know how other affiliate are doing with them but still there is no negative review.

Benefit of joining Payporte affiliate program ?
There are a lot of things that you will gain while being their affiliate , first of all is the free sign up , on this platform , registration is free and once you sign up then you will be given free 1000 Naira as sign up bonus , another benefit is that you have your own choice to make as to which product to promote because the have products in different categories and you don't have to invest before you can start making money on Payporte affiliate program.

What are the product to be promoted ?
Like i said earlier that there are wide range of products to be promoted as Payporte affiliate , here are the list of product that you can promote

Payporte affiliate commission rate ?
Payporte commission rate fall on 5% - 10% which is a great pay compare to other affiliate network and their commission rate depend on the type of product you sell.

Is website necessary in Payporte affiliate program ?
No , on Payporte affiliate program , you can promote through your affiliate link without website , this mean you can promote it on social media or through email promotion .

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How to sign up on Payporte affiliate program ?
To sign up as affiliate is free , kindly click here and fill the given form.

You will be sent a verification email to the email address you provide , kindly sign in to your email and verify your email address.
Log in to your dashboard and get those required promotional link and banner .

Start sharing it on your website or on your social media platform .

Once someone click your affiliate link and purchase any product then it will be review and your commission will be paid to you.

How will i get paid as Payprte affilaite ?

This is one of the most important aspect as an affiliate marketer , you have to know how you will get paid once you earn , Payporte affiliates get their commission paid directly to their local bank account .

Who can join Payporte affiliate program ?
Payporte affiliate proram is open to anyone who is interested in making a lot of money online , it is a determination from an affiliate if he or she is willing to join , even when you are working in a company , bank or a Government employee , it is also open for people outside Nigeria.

Thank you so much for reading this a article , i hope you are finding this post so interesting and your friends may be in need of this , please share it with them .
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