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How to Recover a Lost cPanel Password (Forgot Username and Passwords)

cPanel is used for managing web hosting service accounts. It provides all the tools that you need to successfully manage your websites using a web browser.

The cPanel application allows you to set up email accounts,  create domains and sub-domains name, create FTP accounts, setup up CDN’s, and lots of other things that you need for your websites.
If you forgot your cPanel password, the different web hosting providers manage to recover a lost cPanel password and resets in different ways. Some best ssd hosting providers will email an existing password to the registered email account on record for your domain name.

Some web hosting providers do not provide the service of recovery of existing passwords, at that time you need to set a new password using the "Reset Password" link from the cPanel login screen. You can also retrieve the cPanel password while you are logged in to the cPanel dashboard.

If you cannot log in into your cPanel account and your cPanel login screen does not have a password reset link, then you'll have to contact your hosting provider's tech support system to reset or recover a lost cPanel password.

There are Two Ways to Recover a Lost cPanel Password.
Recover your existing cPanel password
Reset your cPanel password.

Recover Your Existing cPanel Password

Step 1:

First, you need to open the cPanel login screen and click on the “Forgot Password”. Once you clicked on forgot password then it will redirect to the password recovery screen.

Step 2:
Here in the domain name or username field. You need to type your cPanel username or the main domain name for your cPanel account.

Step 3:

Now click on the “Lookup Account” button.

Once you click on the lookup account you will get an email with your existing cPanel password on the primary email account that you have registered to your hosting account.

Step 4:

Log in to your email account that is registered with the cPanel account and open the email from your web hosting and cpanel reseller hosting unlimited provider. The email contains your existing cPanel password. By using this cPanel password you can log in to your cPanel account.

Reset your cPanel password
You can reset cPanel password by using two ways
Reset Password from cPanel Login Screen
Reset Password from cPanel dashboard
Reset Password from cPanel Login Screen

Step 1:

First, you need to open your cPanel login screen in a Web browser.

Step 2:

Now click on the “Forgotten Password” or “Reset Password" option under the login fields. Once you click on the above option the reset cPanel password screen opens.

Step 3:

Verify the email address registered to your hosting account. If the address is valid, click the “Submit” or “OK” button to get an email. The registered email account contains a link to reset your password.

If you are not able to use the email address, type an alternate email address in the “Email” field, and then click on the “Submit” or “OK” button. The password reset email is sent to the specified email address.

Step 4:

Open your email account and then click on the mail that you got from your web hosting company.

Step 5:

Click on the "Password Reset" link in the email that will open the Reset Password screen.

Step 6:

Here in the Password field type your new password for cPanel account, then in the confirmation field retype the password.

Step 7:

Click on the “OK” or “Submit” button to recover a lost cPanel password.

Step 8:

Now return to the cPanel login page and log in with your username and new password.

Reset Password from cPanel or Change cPanel Password
Step 1:

Open the cPanel login screen and log in with your web hosting username and password.

Step 2:
Click the labelled “Change Password” in the choices section of the cPanel dashboard. After that, it will redirect to the change password screen.

Step 3:

Now you need to type your existing password in the Old Password field.

Step 4:

New Password field type your new password then retypes it in the confirmation field.

Step 5:
Click on the “Submit” or “OK” button. Your cPanel password is changed.

When you are going to resetting your password, check the welcome email that containing your cPanel authentication information which got from your web hosting provider when you first opened the account.
If your default password has been changed, then you will need to use the Password Recovery feature.

One thing you should remember that recover a lost cPanel password, at that time the other accounts may also be affected. For that you may be required to open a support ticket to update your main FTP account and other accounts.

You need to check with web your node js shared hosting company concerning how to update all accounts with the change password.

cPanel is Safe to Use:

Basically, cPanel is easy to use tool that you need for handling your web hosting experience, because without cPanel managing a website will be stressful and confusing. Nowadays every web hosting provider offers cPanel applications to manage their web hosting account. Every cPanel have their own password.
When you use cPanel account, you are almost risk-free. The cPanel is developed to make sure that users can’t do anything that can cause damage to their websites no matter what they click on.

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