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I Set My Boyfriend Burning After Aborting Three Times and Making A Blood Covenant With Him—17 year old girl says

As indicated by a news that was posted by Punch Paper early today, it has been claimed that a recently admitted law undergraduate at the Benue State College, whose name was given as Alex Esther, as portrayed the motivation behind why she burnt her lover alive. 

As per Punch, it was made realized that, the 17-year old uncovered that the deceased, Chidinma who was her sweetheart, were both in a genuine relationship to the degree that they made blood vow and guaranteed never to leave each other in awful occasions and great occasions, and they made this blood vow when he needed to lay down with her unexpectedly, as she uncovered to him that she had never done it, and that she was anxious about the possibility that he will leave her. 

Over the long haul, she got pregnant for the expired, and he advised her to abort it. She uncovered that she was living with the perished, as they have just done their engagement with her relatives and because of this, she got pregnant again the subsequent time and her late beau began getting out of hand, as he won't get back home at times, advising her to cut short the child, and she did it again to satisfy him. 

Notwithstanding, she got pregnant for him the third time, as they had major issue, to the degree that the sister of her late sweetheart will go to their home to beat her up, without anybody saving her. 

She said after she stuffed out of his home and he returned on the ninth of January, he went to her home searching for her, however she would not see him, and he began asking for forgiveness, as he said he had irritated her and when he said this, she revealed to him that there are a great deal of things they need to determine, and her beau advised her to go to his home and she went there in the evening, the following day. 

While she was going there in the evening, she purchased fuel and matches from a man selling it, since she was imagining that when she arrives, her sweetheart may hurt her once more, and when she arrived, she left the fuel outside and went inside the house. They talked and the perished laid down with her forcefully again and the two of them dozed. 

At the point when she woke up in the evening, she was unable to control herself, as she headed outside, convey the fuel and consumed her beau, as she likewise rushed to a church to rest that evening.

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