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21 Year Old Lady Expresses How Her Parents Flogs Her Because She Is A Model [See Responses]


A woman by the name Chichi has expressed that her parents continue to beat her since she decided to be a model. 

Here in Africa, the more seasoned age thinks that its difficult to comprehend that not every person would turn into a specialist, an architect or a legal advisor. Individuals can get effective in doing different positions like dancing, modeling, artistry, and others. Numerous youngsters struggle disclosing this to their parents. 

The 21-year-old model who was tired of the circumstance with her parents, took to her Twitter handle, @chichi, to express that she required a work in Abuja so she can take off from her dads house to pursue her dream in modeling and acting. 

Her confession made such countless individuals show compassion for her while advising her not to abandon her dream. Others thought it was inside the privileges of her parents to physically punish her at whatever point they felt she had annoyed them. 

Here are some screen captures of responses on Twitter.

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