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Actress Iyabo Ojo Uncovers Why She Separated from Her Husband And Began Bleaching


Alice Ojo is a Nigeria Movie producer and maker, who has produced at any rate around 150 movies in Nigeria. 

The Actress who was brought into the world on the 21st of December 1977 (age 43). 

Iyabo Ojo as she is fondly called is known for her funny tik tok videos that get her enough likes and views in couple of minutes. 

A day ago the Actress went on Instagram live video with a blogger named the tattleroom on Instagram. 

The Actress unveiled a ton of things she has been hiding away in her closet for quite a while now. 

In the interview ,Iyabo discussed how her ex abused her and consistently body disgraced her ,this was one of the significant reasons she needed to leave the marriage. 

The Actress got married at 21 years old, and had two children (a boy and a girl), she further clarified that after she brought forth her children that she saw a few changes in her body ,as her skin begin loosen and there was a ton of staining on her skin even all over. 

Iyabo further discussed how her husband other consistently reviled her out for having loosen skin and stained face, in her words he called her ''dirty''. 

It arrived at a point where the Actress could presently don't take such harassment from her ex, she needed to pack her things and escape with her two children. 

In other to dispose of the skin staining, the Actress needed to utilize lighting up cleanser and creams to cure it. 

She additionally said before she began utilizing the lighting up cream, she felt useless and inconsequential on the grounds that ,at this point she no longer looked appealing to her husband .

Despite what she has experienced, the Actress actually remains steadfast as she presently possesses and controls various organizations. 

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