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Man Looks For Government's Assistance After He Erroneously Discarded N123 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin

A computer engineer, James Howells, has shouted out for help after he erroneously discarded Bitcoin worth £230 million (N123bn). 

The 35-year-old is offering his nearby government the amount of £55 million (N29bn) in the event that they can assist him with recuperating a hard drive he discarded which contains the Bitcoin wallet. 

As per LADBible, James said he erroneously tossed out the drive containing the keys to the Bitcoins in 2013. 

The specialist stated: 

"There's pot of gold for somebody toward the finish of the rainbow – and that closes in the landfill site." 

James was getting out his office of old PCs and other broken devices when discarded the gadget. As indicated by the specialist, he discarded the hard drive since it bears a striking comparability to another that was done working. 

He said as excruciating as the entire experience is for him, he simply has been dismissing it in light of the fact that there isn't anything he could do. 

He offered to part with 25% of the fortune as a prize if the public authority can assist him with finding it. 

At the point when he was inquired as to whether the hard circle would in any case be acceptable after such a long time, he said there is some opportunity he can recuperate a portion of the information on it. 

James said he would be giving the Newport chamber the cash so it very well may be utilized to help families who are battling with the financial impacts of Coronavirus. 

The Newport City council said that the expense of going on a recuperation mission would cost a large number of pounds. 

They said that for the situation that the hard plate isn't discovered, somebody would need to bear the expense of the uncovering. Another issue the mission is confronting is that it is illegal to delve things up in that board.

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