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After A Woman Supposedly Stole An IPhone 12-See How Angry Men Dealt With Her


A video have been circulating around the web throughout recent hours, it demonstrated how a gathering of furious men dealt with a woman who supposedly took an iPhone 12. The insights regarding how this woman figured out how to take the costly phone isn't yet known however she was later gotten after the owner raised a caution about his missing phone. 

The viral video went on for 2 minutes and it demonstrated how seriously she was beaten by angry men after they found the missing phone on her. The phone was returned back to the owner however the woman wasn't saved, angry men dropped on her with whips, kicks and punches. She was kicked on the head a few times, beaten severely and hauled. The woman begged them to quit beating her yet they won't. 

(The iPhone 12 that she supposedly took) 

Rather than giving her over to the police, these men beat her up severely and harmed her. She did something terrible yet it's inappropriate to pound her in such a manner. 

You can watch the video beneath 


Nigerians responded to the video and a large portion of them weren't content with the manner in which the woman was beaten severely while some clarified that she merited it. Look at a couple of responses beneath 

Jungle justice isn't the route forward, what those men did was extremely off-base. They might have given her over to the police as opposed to beating her brutally.

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