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My Friend's Cousin Gets Dumped By Her Boyfriend Who Wedded Another Lady After Dating Her For Three Years


In the wake of dating my friend for a very long time, her now ex just had to wed another young lady. A woman has given a record of what happened between a man and his ex who he dumped subsequent to dating her and wasting her time for a very long time just to get hitched to another lady. 

It is generally accepted that a few men are fiendish, because of their ways of life and how they lead on honest ladies endlessly for quite a long time, waste their time and dump them just to wed another person. 

Despite the fact that it is said that it isn't simply men who do the dumping, since certain ladies likewise dump their beaus just to wed different men who are more extravagant than them, the agreement among certain people is that men do the dumping more than ladies. 

For the current situation, a Twitter client named Ayomiepat shared the story on her course of events. She said the man being referred to had been dating her friend's cousin for as far back as 3 years. 

But to the absolute stun of her friend's cousin, the man revealed to her that he was not prepared for marriage and would not be prepared until following 5 to 6 years. He along these lines requested a separation with the young lady while offering that they can at present remain companions. 

The youthful heartbroken woman had not presumed any treachery until following a year when she just discovered that the man had gotten hitched customarily to another lady. 

This implies that tahe man being referred to potentially simply needed to disappoint the youngster's life and dump her as he plainly deceived her that he would not be prepared for marriage until following 5 to 6 years.

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