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Man Weds The Lady He Met During Their 3 Weeks NYSC Orientation Camping

There is no ideal spot that is intended for individuals to locate their correct partners, as affection is wherever any human is, subsequently, wherever is the ideal spot to get the correct partners. 

Individuals have gotten themselves the correct partners in spots that you believe isn't the perfect spot. 

Such is the situation of a couple who got married to one another after they met during their NYSC orientation camp. 

In the event that there is no good thing anybody can say about the NYSC scheme, I accept this is something acceptable they should discuss. 

As per @bellanaijaweddings, Bola and Kcee met each other during their orientation camping and were sent to various neighborhood government territories. Be that as it may, Kcee chose to remain back with Bola for about fourteen days as she was at this point to be reposted to her Place of primary Task regardless of the calls from his family requesting him to return. 

Their loved developed and they celebrated their first anniversary by opening a cosmetics store. Bola related that Kcee would consistently go with her to Kano, a four hours excursion to get products for the cosmetics store. 

Bola and Kcee are currently cheerfully married together. 

See photos of their wedding that occurred in a polished open air setting. 

The Lady (Bola) 

The Husband to be (Kcee) 

The joining 

The revealing 

Marking of marriage testament 

Marriage fixed 

The cake and settings 

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