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My Kids Won't Have Anything To Do With Your Jesus Christ— Says Ezenwanyi Ebukuo


"My youngsters won't have anything to do with your Jesus Christ" Ezenwanyi Ebukuo says. 

Ada ide nwanyi, ovia mmili Umeri, a Nigerian conservative lady Anita Adaobi Jeremiah, who is usually alluded to as Ezenwanyi Ebekuo, went to the online media to announce that her children had nothing to do with Jesus Christ. She doesn't need her children to avoid the method of her dad. Her father was a conspicuous traditionalist in Ogidi, Idemili North, in the Anambra State Nearby Government Zone. Her late dad was famously alluded to as Ebukuodike na Ogidi while he was alive. 

In her words. 

"My children would have nothing to do with your Christ Jesus. 

When my child turns 10, I'm carrying him to the waterway for tidiness and harmony with the ocean. Like my girls, I would take my Child to the shrine of my late Dad Arobinagu, to see them and find a sense of peace with his mom's ancestors . 

I will likewise prepare him to adore and to grasp these spirits since I have seen his future. 

It isn't useful for parents for their kids to pick the course they should go during their youth, since it will impact them when they are growing up on the off chance that they choose to go down an unexpected course in comparison to the one picked for them. 

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