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Photographs Of The Mansion Donald Trump Moved Into After Leaving The White House

The number 45th leader of the US of America, Donald Trump has at last moved to one of his homes after leaving the white house on Wednesday. 

Donald Trump has proved himself as perhaps the best president in the US of America notwithstanding losing the re-election. 

He tried his best on making America a better place lastly, he left the white house. 

Donald Trump at last left from the White House to permit the approaching president to start his residency. 

Donald Trump moved to one of his homes in Florida which are named Mar-A-Lago. 

Mar-A-Largo is one of the mansions by Donald Trump, he got it in 1985 with the entirety around $10 million dollars. The house comprises of 126 rooms. 

Here are a portion of the photos of the manor beneath.

What do you think about the house?

Can Donald Trump leave in the mansion?

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