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These Photos Of A Mother And Her Son Causes Responses On Facebook

A photo was posted by a woman on a notable facebook social occasion and it has been creating reactions from people from the get-together. 

The photos shows herself and her first some acting in a long time like they smilled from the beginning. She captioned the photos with the hashtag: "we_wey_our_first_son_don_turn_to_our_brother_challenge". 

If not on the grounds that she said that the young person in the photo is her first kid, one would easily expect that they are family a result of the way that they have a striking resemblance and she looks too energetic to even consider evening consider having an offspring of that age.

Examine the photos underneath. 

As I said previously, the photos made reactions from people from the get-together as they regarded the couple and requested of God for their well being and extraordinary well being . Some of them in like manner wished to replicate the photos with their kids too. 

See some screen captures of the comments under.

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