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This Lady Was Offered N26 million To Part Ways With Her Boyfriend


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In the world one of the significant things we pray to God for is to end up with the individual we love and furthermore and loves us as well. Despite the fact that love is a ground-breaking thing there are numerous interruptions brought about by cash as well. A few people even value cash more than True love despite the fact that it should be so. 

In a video that is coursing the web, a youngster moved toward a woman and inquired as to whether she is dating anybody, the Woman immediately addressed indeed, he inquired as to whether she cherishes him so much, she addressed yes as well. He tested her in the event that she could part ways with her sweetheart for 10,000$, the woman said no. The man continued expanding the cash until it arrived at 70,000$ equivalent to 26 million Naira. 

Quickly he marked the 70,000$ money, the Woman at long last acknowledged to part ways with her sweetheart. The man likewise gave her the state of call her sweetheart to part ways with him in his presence. The woman immediately called her sweetheart and parted ways with him.

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Numerous individuals where left dumbfounded and shocked after the episode. 

Since the time this video was posted on the web, it has been creating heaps of responses from individuals. Look at individuals' remarks underneath. 

In the event that it where you, what might you have done?. Would you be able to say a final farewell to your accomplice for 26 million Naira.

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